Signing a pirate story.

Signing a pirate story.

Ahoy there P2! This week I thought we’d be a bit creative with our Seashore topic and learn some signs so that we can sign some pirate stories. I won’t give you a story, that is up to your imaginations but here are some signs to give you some inspiration.

First here are some signs for characters that might be in our story.

You might want to describe your characters in your story. You could use the emotions we have already explored or here are a few others that might help.

Here are some things you might find on board a pirate ship. Ship uses the same sign as boat which we have already learned in our Seaside signs.

Maybe your pirates are looking for treasure on a desert island. Here are some signs that might help with that story.

So here is your challenge P2 – tell me a story about a pirate!
You could make one up or maybe use a story you have read before. You can use the pirate themed Signalong signs I’ve given you today and also some of the other signs we have learned over the past weeks. You could have your pirate building sandcastles, eating a picnic or discovering amazing sea creatures! Have a go and see what you come up with. You can tell someone in your family, your teddy or you could record it and send it to your teacher on Seesaw. You could even share your story on your Seesaw class blog. Have fun! Mrs McCracken

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