Signing how you feel.

Hello P2,

Before we finished school we explored how we could talk about our emotions using our Signalong skills. All three classes gave me some fabulous suggestions for signs we might need to learn and we began having a look at some of them. For our Signalong challenge this week we will remind ourselves what we learned in school.

First, if you were talking about emotions you might want to ask someone how they are feeling by saying “How are you?”.

Here is how you sign that question. Remember we say the words out loud too.

Next you need to know how to answer the question if someone asked you it.

How are you Mrs McCracken?

Right now I’m happy to be back signing with you all again!

Here are some others emotion signs that might help you to sign how you are feeling.

Have a go at some of these signs. Ask someone in your house how they are feeling and show them your emotions with your Signalong skills.

Perhaps you could play a guessing game with your emotion signs. Draw some of the emotions as emojis, fold them up and put them in a hat or a bowl. Pull an emotion out and see if you can do the sign for it. Make sure to show the emotion on your face too! Can your partner guess which emotion you are signing? 

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions of other signs you’d like to learn.

Happy signing, Mrs McCracken.

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