Month: October 2018

P1D Baking

This morning we had great fun making dairy-free apple muffins. We took turns working in small groups with Mrs Mechen, so everybody had a turn of mixing!

Autumn Art

Yesterday we went for an Autumn walk. We looked for signs of Autumn and we gathered some fallen leaves. Back in the classroom we studied the leaves closely – some had several colours on the one leaf! We worked out which colours were Autumn colours and we used these colours in our art work.

Emotion talks

P1A/B were learning about different emotion words yesterday. The children identified different emotions, what makes people feel different emotions and what they look like on our faces and bodies. They then acted out different emotions, can you guess what they are?


This afternoon we went to collect some leaves for art tomorrow. There were so many different colours, shapes and sizes. We also had fun playing in the huge piles of leaves.

P1A Museum trip

This week P 1A had a wonderful trip to the National Museum. The children all enjoyed the natural world collection and investigating fossils and dinosaur bones in the adventure planet area. They represented Sciennes perfectly on their first ever school trip, well done boys and girls! Happy holidays!

Museum Trip

P1D has a wonderful trip to the museum this morning and Mrs Barker was very proud of how well everybody behaved both at the museum and walking to and from the museum.

We began our trip at the T-Rex skeleton in Animal World- we saw that his head was much bigger than our heads are. We also noticed the difference between his massive back legs and his small front legs. After that we explored more of Animal World before heading up to Adventure Planet on the fifth floor. We had great fun investigating all the displays there.

Sign Language

P1D have been learning how to sign when we do the register and when we say goodbye at the end of the day. Today we were joined by one of our mums who read and signed a story for us. We learned signs for hen, goat, cow, pig, house and some others!