Signalong – a trip to the seaside

This week we are going to continue on our seashore theme and have a think about the different things we might see on a trip to the seaside. You could use two different words/signs to say where you were going – beach or seaside.

As the seashore is where the land meets the sea you might need signs to talk about both of these things – sand and sea.

To spot some of the sea creatures we talked about last week you might have a peak in a rockpool.

And here are some signs for other things you might like to do or spot at the beach.

Ideas to practise your seaside signs:

  • Draw a beach picture and include lots of the Signalong words. Then tell someone about your picture while showing them the signs.
  • Look, cover, sign, check – look closely at a sign then have a go at the sign without looking at the screen. Check back to see if you remembered it correctly.
  • Continue with last week’s “At the seashore I saw…” memory game but add new signs like a boat, a shipwreck or a sandcastle.
  • See if you can find some beach themed songs with these signs in them and sing and sign along. Or you could make up your own song or rap and use the signs as actions.

Have fun practising. Feel free to share videos of you signing with your teacher. And let me know if there are any signs you’d like to learn before the summer holidays 🙂

Mrs McCracken

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