Author: mrslmccracken

A Signalong Christmas

As well as learning space signs P2B have also been learning Christmas songs using the Signalong advent calendar. Here are some of our favourites – we even taught one of our signs to a special guest signer!

If you want to see some more signs you can keep up with the Signalong advent calendar on their Facebook page –

Happy Christmas from P2B!

Sign – Happy Christmas
Sign – stocking
Sign – snowman
Sign – sleigh
Sign – Santa
Sign – reindeer
Sign – Christmas pudding
Sign – present/gift
Sign – elf
Sign – Christmas Eve

Signing the Solar System

P2B have been learning about the different planets in our solar system. We worked as a team to create a display of all the planets and we have also been learning the signs to go with them.

Sign – Solar System (outward circle with index finger at forehead and then interlock fingers)
Sign – Sun (outward circle with index finger at forehead)
Sign – Venus (ball sign then sign letters M and E)
Sign – Venus (ball sign then sign letter V)
Sign – Earth (ball sign then point towards the ground)

Sign – Mars (ball sign then sign letter M)

Sign – Jupiter (ball sign then sign letter J)

Sign – Saturn (ball sign then sign letter S)

Sign – Uranus (ball sign then sign letter U)

Sign – Neptune (ball sign then sign letter N)

Learn Signalong with P2B

So far this year Primary 2B and Mrs McCracken have really been enjoying learning lots of Signalong signs but we really wanted to share our learning with our friends and family. Then we discovered GIFS! We can record our signs and pop them up on our blog to show you what we’ve been learning and, hopefully help you learn too.

This week is a wee bit of an experiment so our signs don’t have a theme but look out for some Space and Winter themed signs coming your way soon. We hope you enjoy learning with us.