Month: March 2020

Music Challenge

Using the link below, please listen to a short excerpt of Elmer Bernstein – The Great Escape.

How does this music make you feel?

Can you tell how many beats in a bar? Have a look at the conductor and how he is moving his baton.

Can you conduct along to the music, just like we have been practising in class?

Teach someone else in your family how to conduct 2 beats, 3 beats and 4 beats in a bar.


Spring Signalong

Hi Primary 2! With the clocks going forward and things blossoming in our gardens we thought we would give you a few Springtime signs to try out at home.

Here is the sign for spring.

Mrs Campbell is left-handed so she signs the opposite way.

Try saying it in Spanish like Ms Ferguson – Primavera!

Easter egg.
This is actually two signs in one. Chocolate and egg.
The first part of the sign is the sign for chocolate. It’s like you are wiping chocolate from your chin!
The second part is the sign for egg. It’s like you are tapping the top of a boiled egg.

You can also try singing and signing at the same time. Here is the instructions to sign the well-known springtime song, “Hot Cross Buns”.

We hope you enjoy trying out these Spring signs. If you can think of any others let us know!

Hello P2!

Hello everyone,  

We hope you had a relaxing weekend. It’s good to see the sun shining again. We just wanted to update you with some information for the incoming week.  

Some children have been asking how to continue reading their Oxford Tree books. Please see our blog post below where we have explained how to access Oxford Reading Tree books for free online using the Oxford Owl website. Alternatively, you could choose a book on the Epic! Website, which we emailed about last week. The important thing is not what you read but that you keep reading, using your phonic strategies and discussing books. With this in mind, here are a few links to useful resources which might help keep you reading. – free books, story-telling videos, top tips for reading with children – links to a variety of different styles of writing – including comics, fairy tales and poems – informative articles, quizzes and games. – news articles, videos, quizzes. 

It looks like lots of children are enjoying using SumDog to practise their numeracy skills. A few parents have contacted us to say that the questions asked are a little too tricky. SumDog runs a diagnostic test when pupils start to use it to work out the level the pupil is working at. Some questions will be too easy and some might be quite tricky, this won’t last for long. SumDog will figure out what level is right for your child so please encourage them to persevere and reassure them that they don’t have to know all the answers! We will also be setting different maths and spelling challenges on SumDog which will be tailored to your child’s level.  

As time is moving on some children may becoming anxious about losing their normal routine and not being able to see friends and family. Here are a few links you might like to use, as the need arises, to help calm and reassure them. 

Remember we are here to answer any other questions. We love hearing from you so please feel free to send updates on how you are all getting on. 

Keep in touch and stay safe 

The P2 Team 

Earth Hour

Hello Primary 2!

Earth Hour is on Saturday 28 March at 8:30pm. This is a time when people all over the world try to turn off as many electrical appliances as possible.

Make a list of/draw everything in your house that uses electricity. What could you switch off that you don’t need? Why is it important to cut down the electricity we use?

P2B learned the Signalong for Planet Earth during our Space topic, here is one of our sign experts to show you how. You can learn more Space related signs here.

We hope all of our P2 families have a good weekend. Try and relax, have fun and have a break from Home Learning. Come back fresh on Monday to try out the activities on our Week 2 Home Learning Grid.

Missing you all, hope you are all doing well.
The P2 Team 🙂


Hi P2. Hope you are all well. We are loving seeing lots of beautiful rainbows in windows when we go on our daily walks so we thought we’d share our Signalong rainbows with you. Ms Ferguson has even tried it in Spanish – Arco Iris. Try it yourself!

Rainbow – Mrs Campbell
Rainbow – Mrs McCracken
Arco Iris – Ms Ferguson

Oxford Reading Tree Books

If you are looking for extra reading books for your child, log on to Glow using the link below (using login details in your home learning pack). There is an app called OUP Oxford Owl which gives you free online access to Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) books.

You simply need to register an account with the site to get free access on your computer or tablet.

Happy reading!

P2 Team



Just a wee note…

Dear parents and carers,  

We just wanted to get in touch to say hello and to offer support. We hope you are all well and have now received all the resources in the learning pack. Please get in touch with us if you need anything emailed or uploaded to the blog.  
 We are aware that this will be a time of high stress and anxiety for families and young learners, so with this in mind, the following guidelines may be of use: 

  • Try to stick to a routine, where possible, keeping meal, snack and break times consistent. 
  • Aim to communicate the plan for the day with your child either the day before or at the start of each day. A fun activity could be making a visual timetable for your home to replicate what we use in school.  
  • Vary what you are doing at home, for example a little reading followed by a maths activity or a movement break. 
  • Spend time talking to your child about how you are feeling and give lots of opportunity for them to share their emotions with you and talk about what would help them to feel better. You can download the Emotion Talks board from our blog to support this.  
  • Be mindful that if you or your child is stressed, take a break. You can always come back to a piece of work if you are having issues. 
  • Be kind to yourself – you can only do what you can. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need any resources. If pupils want to talk to us to let us know what they are doing, or just to have a chat, we are happy to receive emails. 

Keep well everyone and stay in touch.  

From the P2 team 😊  

Good morning home learners!

Good morning Primary 2! Your teachers are at home and it’s all a bit too quiet here. Just wanted to say (and sign) a wee good morning to you all.

Buenos Dias from Ms Ferguson.
Good Morning from Mrs McCracken.
Good morning from Mrs Campbell.