¿Qué te gustaría comer? – What would you like to eat?

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Hola Primary Two.

¿Qué tal? ¡Tengo hambre! (I am hungry!)

This week’s Spanish challenge is to find out the words for different foods and to say what you would like to eat, as if you were in a Spanish restaurant.

¿Qué te gustaría comer? – What would you like to eat?

¿Qué te gustaría beber? – What would you like to drink?

Me gustaría… – I would like …

Un sándwich – a sandwich

Una ensalada – a salad

Una pizza – a pizza

Una hamburguesa – a hamburger

Salchichas – sausages

Pasta – pasta

Fruta – fruit

Patatas fritas – crisps

Papas fritas – chips

Un pastel – a cake

Una galleta – a biscuit

Un helado – an ice cream

Leche – milk

Jugo – juice

Agua – water

Desayuno – breakfast

Almuerzo – lunch

Cena – dinner

*Ms F’s Top Tip* – Remember j in Spanish makes a sound like ch asin the Scottish word loch. So jugo sounds like choo-go. When you see ll in Spanish, it is actually a special letter. The sound it makes is y, like in ‘you’, so galleta sounds like ga-ye-ta. You may recognise it from me llamo (my name is) and amarillo (yellow) and llueve (rain). Remember that h is always silent in Spanish, so helado sounds like el-ad-o.

Ideas to help you practise

  • See if you can say what you are having for dinner or lunch today in Spanish.
  • Take out some items from your cupboards and practise saying the Spanish when someone in your house picks a certain item.
  • Practise your Spanish along with Mrs McCracken’s sign-a-long for picnic foods – this was a few weeks ago but you can still find it on the blog.
  • Make a menu using these Spanish words for food. You could write the English next to it or draw a picture of the food to help you remember.

¡Que te diviertas! 

Ms Ferguson

Here are some fun songs to help you practise and learn some other words for different types of foods.

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