Month: March 2023

Positive Imaginings…

Lucy from Rowenbank Environmental Arts visited us in our Wildlife Corridor and invited us to consider our positive imaginings for the future of Sciennes Road. After drinking berry tea and tuning in to the sounds of our street we were surprised to hear so many beautiful bird calls. Using natural materials we presented some of our imaginings on how things might look 100 years from now. The idea that most excited everyone was the street filled with trees and a community of treetop dwellers in houses reached by hundreds of tiny steps on tree trunks. If you look through the pictures you can see all of our positive imaginings for a sustainable future for humans and nature living together.

Sustainable Settlements by P5B

Primary 5 learned about alternative sources of energy that are renewable, clean and green. We found out about food miles and eating sustainably. We invented new green transports to make journeys that reduced carbon footprint and discovered ways to reduce some waste and utilise other waste as fuels or fertilisers. Finally we made sure that nature was given enough space to live wild and free. We are very proud of our green cities that were designed on paper, by making models or digitally.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Thank you to Alexander for leading our learning about the lunar new year. We learned the legend of the monster named Nian from Alexander’s interesting presentation and enjoyed some sweet rice balls to celebrate the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit!

STEM challenge!

P5B solved a design challenge with limited resources. The challenge was to create a marble run that would slow the marble’s descent down a table from less than 1 second when dropped without any structures in place to at least 5 seconds once a run had been constructed. Resources limited to only 20 sheets of A4 paper and some tape. Tremendous teamwork and some creative construction made for some successful structures!