Month: December 2019

A Signalong Christmas

As well as learning space signs P2B have also been learning Christmas songs using the Signalong advent calendar. Here are some of our favourites – we even taught one of our signs to a special guest signer!

If you want to see some more signs you can keep up with the Signalong advent calendar on their Facebook page –

Happy Christmas from P2B!

Sign – Happy Christmas
Sign – stocking
Sign – snowman
Sign – sleigh
Sign – Santa
Sign – reindeer
Sign – Christmas pudding
Sign – present/gift
Sign – elf
Sign – Christmas Eve

Signing the Solar System

P2B have been learning about the different planets in our solar system. We worked as a team to create a display of all the planets and we have also been learning the signs to go with them.

Sign – Solar System (outward circle with index finger at forehead and then interlock fingers)
Sign – Sun (outward circle with index finger at forehead)
Sign – Venus (ball sign then sign letters M and E)
Sign – Venus (ball sign then sign letter V)
Sign – Earth (ball sign then point towards the ground)

Sign – Mars (ball sign then sign letter M)

Sign – Jupiter (ball sign then sign letter J)

Sign – Saturn (ball sign then sign letter S)

Sign – Uranus (ball sign then sign letter U)

Sign – Neptune (ball sign then sign letter N)