¡Me gustan los deportes! – I like sports!

The Importance of Hobbies for Kids - SportsTyme

Hola Primary Two.

¿Qué tal? ¡Estoy feliz porque me gustan los deportes! (I am happy because I like sports.)

This week’s Spanish challenge is to find out the words for sports and hobbies, and how to give an opinion.

Some of the different activities have a different word for ‘the’ at the beginning. Some start with el and some start with la. Why do you think that is? (Answer: under the Spanish words.)

¿Te gusta…? – Do you like…?

Me gusta… – I like…

No me gusta… – I do not like…

El fútbol – football

El tenis – tennis

La gimnasia – gymnastics

El footing – running / correr – to run

El rugby – rugby

El ciclismo – cycling

La natación – swimming / nadar – to swim

El bailar – dancing / bailar – to dance

El canto – singing / cantar – to sing

La pintura – painting / pintar – to paint

El dibujo – drawing / dibujar – to draw

La costura – sewing / coser – to sew

La leer – reading / leer – to read

*Ms F’s Top Tip* – Remember j in Spanish makes a sound like ch asin the Scottish word loch. So dibujo sounds like di-boo-cho. In Spanish the letter c can make a hard sound like ‘cuatro’ if it comes before a, o or u. But if c comes before e or i, it makes a soft ‘ss’ sound. So ciclismo sounds like sea-clis-mo.

Answer: The reason why some animals have different versions of saying the in Spanish is that some are male words, they start with el, and others are female words, starting with la. Well done if you worked that out!

You may have noticed I used gustan instead of gusta when talking about sports. That is because it is more than one thing I am talking about. So you would say ‘Me gustan los colores’, if you wanted to say I like colours.

Ideas to help you practise

  • Play a game of charades where a sport or hobby is acted out and you have to guess it in Spanish.
  • Gather objects around the house related to the sports and hobbies (such as a tennis ball, pencil, swimming costume). Ask a parent or sibling to hold up an item, then you have say the correct Spanish word.
  • Practise your Spanish along with Mrs McCracken’s sign-a-long sport and hobbies.
  • If you have drawn a picture of children in the playground doing a sport or hobby, as Ms McCracken suggested in her Sign-a-long blog, label this with the Spanish words for each hobby.

¡Que te diviertas! 

Ms Ferguson

Here are some fun videos to help you practise and learn some other words for sports and actions.

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