Signalong – sports and hobbies.

This week I thought we’d learn a little about how to talk about the things we like to do, and the things we don’t like so much. So we are going to learn the signs for some sports (since it is Virtual Sports Day) and some hobbies too.

But first, in order to talk about our opinions we need to learn how to say “I like…” and “I don’t like…”.

Here are some sports you might like (or dislike!).

Swimming is also a fun sport you might like. If you need that sign, check back to last week’s seaside post.

Here are some other hobbies that you might enjoy.

I definitely won’t have covered all the hobbies and sports that you like (or don’t like) but this is a good list to start you off.

Ideas to practise your signs about sports and hobbies:

  • Play charades with someone in your house. Take turns signing a sport or hobby without speaking and see if your partner can guess which one you are doing.
  • Talk about each hobby and sport. Go through the list and say your opinion on each. Use the “I like…” and “I don’t like…” to help you. You could even say what your favourite is by looking back at the colour blog post.
  • Play a guessing game about your teacher’s favourite things to do. Do you think Mrs Campbell likes cycling? Does Mrs McCracken like singing? What is Ms Ferguson’s favourite sport? Have a guess and then maybe we’ll let you know later in the week.
  • Draw a picture of our school playground and show people doing their different hobbies. Someone could be reading on a bench, running around or doing some art on the ground with chalk. Once you’ve drawn it, point to each sport or hobby in your picture and sign what the person is doing.

If you have any special requests for sports or hobbies you really enjoy let me know.

Mrs McCracken

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