¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? – What is the weather today?

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Hola Primary Two.

¿Qué tal?

¡Estoy feliz porque hoy hace sol! (I’m happy because it is sunny today!)

This week’s Spanish challenge is to practise the words for describing the weather.

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Hace calor – It is hot.

Hace buen tiempo – It is good weather.

Hace sol – It is sunny.

Cold Face Emoji (U+1F976)

Hace frío – It is cold.

Hace mal tiempo – It is bad weather.

Hace viento – It is windy.

Umbrella with Rain Drops Emoji (U+2614, U+FE0F)

Nublado – Cloudy.

Llueve – Rainy.

Cloud with Lightning and Rain Emoji (U+26C8)

Nieva – Snowy.

Tormenta – Stormy.

*Ms F’s Top Tip* – Remember ‘v‘ in Spanish always sounds like ‘b‘ and ‘h’ is a silent letter. When you see ll in Spanish, it is actually a special letter. The sound it makes is y, like in ‘you’, so llueve sounds like you-ebeh. You may recognise it from me llamo (my name is) and amarillo (yellow).

Some other words that might help you are:

Hoy – today

Y – and

So, if you wanted to say today it is sunny and windy, you would say:

Hoy hace sol y viento.

Ideas to help you practise:

  • Have a conversation with a parent or sibling where you take turns answering ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?
  • When doing your weather report task this week, include the weather in Spanish as well as English.
  • Create your own weather flashcards – one set with the Spanish words and another set with a picture or photo of the weather. You can then use these to play a game of memory, match pairs, or create your own game.
  • Practise Mrs McCracken’s Sign-a-long signs for different kinds of weather using the words in Spanish.
  • Gather together some items that you would use or wear if it was a certain type of weather – like sunglasses, snow boots, a kite and an umbrella. Ask a parent or sibling to say a type of weather in Spanish, and you have to pick up the right item to match the weather.

¡Que te diviertas! 

Ms Ferguson

Here are some fun songs to help you practise:

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