Signing the weather

Hi P2!

The weather in Scotland is always changing. Yesterday morning it was raining but by the time I went out for my daily walk it was beautiful sunshine. We never know if we need our rain jackets or our sunscreen!
I thought this week it would be interesting to find out how to use Signalong to talk about the weather.

Here is the sign for weather.

If we wanted to tell someone what the weather is like today, or what it will be like tomorrow we might need these signs –

And here are some of the weather signs you might want to use to talk about Edinburgh weather. Hopefully we won’t need the snow and ice ones for quite a while but we can practise them in time for the winter!

Ideas to practice your colour signs:

  • Have a look outside and practise the sign for the weather you see.
  • Have a go at telling someone what the weather is like today. You could say “The weather today is…” using the correct signs and then choosing the weather sign that suits.
  • Watch the weather online or on the TV and try and use the sign along with the presenter.
  • Have a go at making up your own weather report using sign and show it to someone in your house or perform it to your teddies.
  • Make some weather symbols, like the ones at the top of this post, put them in a hat or a bowl and pick them out one at a time. Can you do the sign to match the symbol?

Have fun practising and I hope the sun keeps shining for us!
Mrs McCracken

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