Author: campbellp2c

P4A Potatoes

In Primary 3 the children chitted and then planted potatoes. We had great fun today harvesting them. The children washed and then cut them into wedges before roasting them. After break time we enjoyed a little feast in our classroom.

P4a and P4c Meadows Mile

As if it wasn’t fun and exciting enough running in the Meadows today, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge drove by and waved at us as we were waiting to cross Melville Drive. We saw them both close up as they whizzed by! Maybe they will join us next time?!

P4a Shortbread

As part of our Scotland topic, P4a made shortbread with Mx Cranston. They were very creative when decorating the biscuits but unfortunately they couldn’t be found anywhere at the end of the day! A mystery…..