Music BBC Ten Pieces – The Night Ferry by Anna Clyne


This week we are thinking about how art can inspire a composer to write a piece of music.

As we have been studying Grace Darling and how she saved some shipwrecked sailors, I thought this piece of music perfectly captured the mood of the sea that night – dark and stormy.

Follow the link and listen to the music:

What do you think? Does it make you imagine a ship out at sea being tossed about in the waves?

It’s fascinating to think the composer Anna Clyne began this composition after seeing an image of a wave.  She drew a picture before going to the piano to write the music.

Using materials you might find around your home, follow artist Amy Leung’s step by step guide on how to create a sculpture using ‘Night Ferry’ to inspire shapes, patterns and textures.

You might like to upload a photo of your sculpture to the Ten Pieces website or send a photo to your teacher on SeeSaw.

Another very famous composer called Mussorgsky wrote a whole series of music after he had visited an art gallery. It is called ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’.

Follow the link to see the paintings he wrote music to go along with.

How would you describe some of the music – happy, angry, sad?



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