Signalong at the seashore

As our topic at the moment is the Seashore I thought we should learn a few signs to describe the creatures we might see on the beaches and in the sea around Scotland.

First of all, here is how to sign Seashore.

Here are some creatures you might find on the beach or in rockpools.

And here are some creatures you would find in the sea.

Ideas to practise your seashore signs:

  • Play a memory game with your family. Start with “At the seashore I saw…” and add a name and a sign. The next person will say your creature and add one of their own. See how many you can remember in one go!
  • Use this eye spy sheet on Twinkl to help you practice. Say “I spy with my little eye something that has this sign.” and show the sign to a partner and see if they can spot your creature.
  • Make a video to teach someone else some sign, you could even send it to someone else in your family. Maybe your gran would like to learn!
  • Draw an underwater picture and then point out what you have drawn with words and Signalong. Keep an eye out for Ms Ferguson’s next post and you can add the Spanish words too.

Hope you enjoy learning more Signalong. Let your teacher know if there is anything else you’d like to learn and I’ll do my best to fit it in to a future post.

Mrs McCracken

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