What’s for lunch? Signing food and drink.

This week in P2 we have been using the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch as inspiration for lots of our home learning activities. I thought that it might be nice to find out some signs that could help us to sign about foods we like for lunch.

Here are a few key signs we might need when talking about eating a picnic lunch.

And here are some signs for things you could eat and drink at a picnic. I’ve chosen some from Mr Grinling’s lunch and some things I know are popular on the school menu!

There are so many food and drink signs I could teach you but I might run out of space on the blog! If you would like to learn some more, especially different types of fruit and things to put in sandwiches, you could visit Woodbank School’s webpage and check out their Snack Time/Lunch Time video – https://www.woodbank.calderdale.sch.uk/communication/signalong

Or if there is a sign for food that you really want to know, email me and I’ll see if I can find it out for you.

Ideas to practice your food and drink signs:

  • See if you can sign what you are having for lunch or dinner today.
  • Play a memory game with people in your house. You could start the game “In my picnic basket I have…” and add a food you can sign. Then the next player will say yours and add one on. The list will get longer and longer, can you remember them all?
  • Draw a picture of your perfect picnic and name and sign the food and drinks you have drawn.
  • Listen to “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch” and see what bits of Mr Grinling’s lunch you can sign.

I’m off to eat my lunch now… I wonder what I’ll have?

Mrs McCracken

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