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Hola Primary Two.

¿Qué tal?

¡Estoy feliz y entusiasmada por el Español!

This week’s Spanish challenge is to practise the words for different colours.

Some colours have two different versions, one that ends in ‘o’ and one that ends in ‘a’. Why do you think that might be? (Answer: below the colours!)

Red- rojo / roja

Blue- azul

Yellow- amarillo / amarilla

Green- verde

Purple- morado / morada

Orange – naranja

Pink- rosa

Brown- marrón

Grey- gris

Black – negro / negra

White- blanco / blanca

Dark- oscuro 

Light – claro 

*Ms F’s Top Tip* – Remember ‘v‘ in Spanish always sounds like ‘b‘ and ‘j’ makes a ‘ch’ sound like in the Scottish word ‘loch‘. When you see ll in Spanish, it is actually a special letter. The sound it makes is y, like in ‘you’, so amarillo sounds like amareeyo. You may recognise it from me llamo (my name is) and llueves (rain).

Answer: If a colour is being used to describe something male it ends in an o, and for something that is female it would end in a.

So for example, a male white cat would be un gato blanco.

Whereas a female white cat would be una gata blanca.

Notice the colour comes after the word it is describing – this is always true in Spanish.

Ideas to help you practise

  • Create your own colour flashcards – one set with the Spanish words and another set with the colour. You can then use these to play a game of memory, match the colour to the word, or create your own game.
  • Make your own arco iris (rainbow) and label with the words in Spanish. You could do this using items found around your house, use chalk on the pavement outside your house, or build using lego. Get creative!
  • Practise Mrs McCracken’s Sign-a-long signs for colours using the words in Spanish.
  • Ask a parent or sibling to pick a colour, read it in Spanish, and you have to find something that is that colour around your house. If you are feeling confident you can be the teacher!

¡Que te diviertas! 

Ms Ferguson

There are some free games you can play on Linguascope as well as on this website:


Here are some fun songs to help you practise:

The Spanish lyrics for ‘I can sing a rainbow’ are:

Rojo, amarillo y rosa y verde.

Morado y naranja y azul.

Canta los colores del arco iris. (Sing the colours of the rainbow)

Canta los conmigo. (Sing them with me)

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