Let’s sign the rainbow.

Seeing all the lovely rainbows in windows on my daily walk made me want to learn how to sign the rainbow. We already know the sign for the word rainbow itself – here is Ms Ferguson to remind you of the sign AND the Spanish word:

What we don’t know yet is the signs for all the colours. So I put my thinking cap on and found out the signs we need. I even rummaged through my wardrobe to see if I could dress in the right colour for each sign. See if you can spot anything special about my top for the green sign!

Now you know the signs you can talk about your favourite colour.

What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is …

Can you tell what my favourite colour is?

Ideas to practice your colour signs:

  • Ask people what their favourite colour is using Signalong and tell them yours.
  • Play “Eye Spy” with colours and sign the colour as well as saying it.
  • Go on a colour hunt around your home and say and sign the colours you find.
  • Sing and sign the rainbow song.
  • Make a rainbow with different objects you find in your house and sign all the colours you can see in it.

Have fun practising! Mrs McCracken

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