Spring Signalong

Hi Primary 2! With the clocks going forward and things blossoming in our gardens we thought we would give you a few Springtime signs to try out at home.

Here is the sign for spring.

Mrs Campbell is left-handed so she signs the opposite way.

Try saying it in Spanish like Ms Ferguson – Primavera!

Easter egg.
This is actually two signs in one. Chocolate and egg.
The first part of the sign is the sign for chocolate. It’s like you are wiping chocolate from your chin!
The second part is the sign for egg. It’s like you are tapping the top of a boiled egg.

You can also try singing and signing at the same time. Here is the instructions to sign the well-known springtime song, “Hot Cross Buns”.

We hope you enjoy trying out these Spring signs. If you can think of any others let us know!

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